My name is Jennifer Voce, but you can call me Jen. I have been snapping photos of family and friends as far back as I can recall. It wasn't until I finished my first year at college and a fateful trip to The Picture People that I began photographing professionally. Since then, I have been with a myriad of companies, like Lifetouch covering sports and events and Exploration Summer Program as a Web Photojournalist. Currently, I work with the New York Mets as a Fan and Event Photographer, as the Team Photographer for the AUDL's New York Empire, and under my own banner as "aVocebehindtheLens".

The name “Voce”, pronounced "VO-CHEE" (or "VO-CHAY" if you want to sound Italian), means "voice". I want the photos I take to help voice your story.